Name Of GameReason Vetoed
Asura’s WrathCan’t Get
Binding of IsaacExecutive Veto
Bully Scholarship EditionCan’t Stream
Call of Duty 2Can’t Run
CatherineExecutive Veto
Civilization 2Can’t Run
Dante’s InfernoExecutive Veto
Descent FreespaceCan’t Stream
Fire Emblem Path of RadianceCan’t Get
Gale of DarknessCan’t Get
Heroes of Might and Magic 3Can’t Stream
James Bond NightfireCan’t Get
Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2Can’t Stream
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1Can’t Get
Might and Magic SeriesCan’t Stream & Executive Veto
Peter Jackson’s King KongCan’t Get
Pokemon ColosseumCan’t Get
Postal (series)Executive Veto
ScornExecutive Veto
Ultima 9Can’t Stream
Warhammer Mark of ChaosCan’t Stream
Mystery of the DruidsCan’t Stream
GeneforgeCan’t Stream
Legend of Legaia 2Can’t Get
Pepsi ManCan’t Get
Lunar 2 Eternal BlueCan’t Get
Jeanne D’ArcCan’t Get
Deus Ex Invisible WarCan’t Stream
Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2Executive Veto
Pokemon XD: Gale of DarknessCan’t Get
Call of Duty 3Executive Veto
Runaway A Twist of FateCan’t Stream
Medal of Honor Allied AssaultCan’t Stream
HexenCan’t Stream
Shadow of Destiny/MemoriesCan’t Get
MMOs In General That Aren’t Already On The ListExecutive Veto
DMC DMCExecutive Veto
Fire Emblem Radiant DawnCan’t Get
TimesplittersCan’t Get
Armed & DangerousCan’t Stream
Octopath TravellerExecutive Veto
Silent Hill Shattered MemoriesCan’t Get
Papers PleaseExecutive Veto
Atomic HeartExecutive Veto
Hogwarts LegacyExecutive Veto
Path Of ExileExecutive Veto
EnclaveCan’t Stream
Super HexagonExecutive Veto
Hellblade Senua 1 & 2Executive Veto
King’s Field franchiseExecutive Veto
HuniepopExecutive Veto
Animal CrossingStreamability
Class of 09 GamesExecutive Veto
Coffin of Andy and LeyleyExecutive Veto
PalworldExecutive Veto
Prince of Persia Sands of TimeStreamability