Zelda Link To The Past Randomizer

The golden standard of randomizers for a reason. Tons and tons of options, customization, and very smart code. Absolutely hugely recommended. Available at: https://alttpr.com/en
Type Of Review: Randomizer Run
Total Story Score: N/A
Total Gameplay Score: +20
Golden Number: 106.62
Cheats: No
Total Play Time: 1 days / 6.34 Hours
Time Reviewed: 7-17-2023

Spoiler Pluses and Minuses +

Story Positives:

Story Negatives:

Gameplay Positives:

  1. Starting Options: There are so, so, so many ways to start and setup your Rando…
  2. Starting Options: …it easily…
  3. Starting Options: …earns triple positives
  4. Options: Where do I even begin with options. There are literally dozens of options…
  5. Options: …easily earning…
  6. Options: …three positives
  7. Difficulty Options: So many available when setting up the Rando…
  8. Difficulty Options: …that it easily deserves…
  9. Difficulty Options: …triple positives
  10. Core Mechanic: The very nature of the randomizer itself deserves its own positive…
  11. Core Mechanic: …but the sheer volume and quantity of smart code that goes into it…
  12. Core Mechanic: …deserves a third positive
  13. QoL Features: There’s several and they’re good. L and R for items, fast swapping, removing low health beedleeps, etc.
  14. Info In Game: Lots of NPC and hint chat changed to indicate where items are and otherwise help with routing
  15. Interface: Menu cleaned up and much more helpful
  16. HUD: Love the addition of info on what’s in a dungeon and how many of how many chests you’ve gotten
  17. Cosmetics: All the options for whom you can play as
  18. Replayability: Very well replayable…
  19. Replayability: …lots of variety…
  20. Replayability: …short, tons of options, tons of malleability

Gameplay Negatives:

  1. 0