Television Ruminations

What’s the general over-view for your Monday and Tuesday Ruminations?

The Television Ruminations are a weekly series airing on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week covering a given series one episode at a time. We have already covered Star Trek Voyager in the old and terrible days, as well as Babylon 5 later on. We have since finished both Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. As of this writing we are going through The Original Series and Enterprise, after which point the Monday / Tuesday slot will be retired in favor of the Streamination format.

What series are scheduled for looking at in the future?

As of right now, we will finish both The Original Series and Enterprise. Past that, any show suggested and funded for Streaminations will follow the same general format any other request does.

Are you taking requests for shows to be Streaminations?

Not yet, no, mostly because we won’t be done with the current Streamination until 2022. However, several months before that point we will open it up for Streamination funding.

Are the Television Ruminations released in MP3 format?

Yes. Each Monday and Tuesday Rumination can be found on the RSS feed on the website (found on the right-hand column, updated manually each day) for ease of download and listening without relying on Youtube or Youtube Red.

Friday Ruminations

How exactly are Ruminations chosen?

Patrons suggest and vote for things to be Ruminations approximately once a year via the Floodgates process.

What exactly are the Floodgates?

This is the term I use to refer to the process we use to select Ruminations about once a year. The exact process has changed every year as the show changes and evolves, and we get more and more Patrons, but the rough idea is that Patrons can suggest games or movies to be Ruminated on (so long as they aren’t on the Forbidden List, or vetoed by me for some other reason), and then vote on those same suggestions until we select our next 50 or so Ruminations. I try to give several months each Floodgates to make sure as many Patrons can weigh in as possible. All voting and suggestion is counted manually. As of now, anyone who puts money into the show via any method gets a say and vote in the Floodgates.

What is the Forbidden List?

The Forbidden List is stuff I refuse to Ruminate on or stream, for various reasons. It’s fairly self explanatory. Television shows are out, because we’re already quite full on those. Books are out, because books just don’t fit the Rumination format. Anything sufficiently connected to mental illness, such as Hellblade Senua, is not acceptable because experience has taught me that getting depressed doing a work for the show doesn’t work well. Oh and obviously nothing pornographic, because duh.

When will (suchandsuch) Rumination happen?

All Friday Ruminations are scheduled well in advance, and listed on the right side of the webpage with their release date. Monday and Tuesday Ruminations logically follow their given show schedule.

Why don’t you use gameplay footage?

There’s actually many reasons for this. First, I can barely keep up with my job as is, streaming and pushing out 3 videos each week. Editing in footage into the background, even lazily (just putting whatever footage there) would take a long time. Editing in footage that’s relevant to what I’m talking about at any given point in time would take a monumental amount of additional time. Secondly, since my show is reliant on Youtube, putting any possible copyrighted material on display is always a minefield and at this point is best avoided. The footage, music, and sound effects I use are all ones that are either my own, or are safe (from proven developers and publishers who don’t cause issues), thus keeping my show safe and in good standing, and not giving any unscrupulous companies any opening to attack me or my show. Finally, I’m a firm believer in consistency in branding, presentation, etc. and thanks to the variety nature of my show, I cover plenty of things that I couldn’t put footage up. Older games that can’t be captured properly, games that are just text based, or movies which can’t be reproduced.


What is a Lorerun?

A Lorerun is a form of a long-play stream where I play through a game, series of games, or franchise fully on stream. I do this while discussing aspects of the lore, behind the scenes information, gameplay design concepts, historical relevance, and other discussion with viewers. They take a lot of prep time, a lot of work, and a lot of stress. I love doing them, but for obvious reasons I try to spread them out since they take time away from work on the Youtube side of things.

What is a Premiere Run?

A Premiere Run is a first-time run through a game live on stream, while discussing it with viewers. The thing that makes a Premiere Run unique is that it’s the only thing I do that’s actually a review, using my own rating system. Any given significant positive thing is given a plus (to Story or Gameplay), and any significant negative thing is given a negative. The final score is balanced out between them. A Premiere Run is distinct from a Classic Run by virtue of being a game I haven’t played before, thus being a blind playthrough.

How do I request a Lorerun or a Premiere Run?

Both are funded via bits and donations on stream. In earlier times there were incentives done during runs to help fund them and keep the show going, but now days this is all done in advance. The amount any given Run costs varies, most dominantly affected by how long any given Run will be, but also changed by relative popularity, effort and prep-work, et cetera. I am always taking suggestions for both, but I always try to look into a work to determine if I think it’s good Premiere Run or Lorerun material before accepting a suggestion.

What is a Classic Run?

Classic Runs are, functionally, the same as Premiere Runs. I play through a game, rating and reviewing it by giving out plusses and minuses, and discussing the game with viewers. The difference is a Classic Run is a game I have played before, unlike Premiere Runs.

What is Tabletop Night?

Every other Thursday evenings we get together to play tabletop and stream the experience. It’s not a big event and doesn’t get a lot of viewers, but it’s intended to be a more casual and friendly atmosphere. Plus we love board games and pen & paper, so that’s good.

What is a Chillrun?

A Chillrun is kind of what it sounds like; it’s a stream where we aren’t reviewing anything, discussing the in depth lore, or analyzing a work. It’s just us streaming a fun game, usually with viewer interaction (like naming characters after viewers). Chillruns have admittedly taken a back seat in priority given how many Premiere Runs and Loreruns are in the queue, but there are several games always available for Chillrunning.

When is (suchandsuch) stream happening?

The majority of streams are scheduled, and listed in the upper left of the website. Most streams start at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time, regardless of other considerations; the only exceptions are things like event coverage. There’s also almost always a stream Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And Loreweek is every Sunday morning (10 AM EST) with exceptions.


What is your spoiler policy?

So we’re pretty anti spoilers here, but we also tend to be ‘no mentioning’. Sometimes this is jokingly abbreviated as NO MEN thanks to a production screw-up during the Dragon Age Lorerun (where the text accidentally got cut short from ‘no mentioning’ to ‘no men’). This means we try to avoid serious or obvious spoilers for other works in comments or on live stream, unless it’s relevant to the current work, or if proper warning is given first. Regardless, the rule of thumb is ‘no unrelated spoilers’. If we’re streaming Grand Theft Auto it’s okay to discuss spoilers for that game or series, but not for Star Wars or Mass Effect.

What is Lore Extant?

Lore Extant (usually just shortened to Extant)is the term for my body of literary works. The full story is lengthy, but in short; when I first really started getting into writing I wanted to have each of my stories connect to one another, because even as a child I liked the idea of continuity. Over time this became a rule of mine, that anything I spent real time and effort writing or designing would have to fit within The Extant somewhere. As I’ve gotten older I’ve spent time collecting and smoothing over these various stories, tying them all up in a more cohesive way so that the setting makes more sense. I love talking about it if you ever want to ask, and if I ever have spare time (hah!) I plan to finish work on The Extant Wiki to really showcase some of it.

How exactly do Patreon, Paypal, and Twitch subscriptions work?

Patreon and Twitch subscriptions are both monthly. Twitch offers four ways of subscription; a free subscription you can give once per month to a streamer via Amazon Prime. This has to be manually updated each month. They also offer a $5, $10, and $25 subscription referred to as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 respectively. Twitch claims 50% of most of these (claiming 40% of the Tier 2, and 30% of the Tier 3). The most obvious benefit of a Twitch subscription to a viewer would be access to our Twitch emotes.

Patreon offers one method of subscription; you sign up on Patreon and set how much you wish to sub for per month. The minimum is $1, but aside from that you can set it to whatever you want it to be. We have plenty of people who put in 1, 5, 10, etc. dollars a month. Patreon claims 15% of these.

Paypal donations are once-only and claim a very small percent of the cut, close to 1.5%. There is also Stripe for those seeking a monthly option that is not Patreon, which also takes 15%. Finally there are Twitch Bits, which shifts the cost to you rather than me. In short, to buy Bits you have to pay more than the amount (eg. $1.40 for $1.00 worth of bits) but I get 100% of the take rather than getting $.60.

What is a Loreium?

I tend to have phrases or examples I use, my own lexicon I’ve built up over the years (long before I ever started the show). These are almost universally based on examples from real life or fiction, and refer to a specific type of scenario. I have a whole page dedicated to them you can find on the website, at https://lorerunner.com/loreiums.

Do you have a Discord?

I do! However, thanks to issues we’ve had over the years, access is invite only. Bug one of the mods about it during a stream and they’ll consider it, based on how well we know you.

Why do you have your No Controversial rule?

I’ve actually had this rule for a very long time, since I was in High School actually. It boils down to several problems. First, in my experience most people can’t actually discuss more controversial issues without devolving into shouting, hyperbole, or argumentative fallacies. There is no benefit or purpose in such yelling matches, and therefore I’ve found it simpler to avoid the topics entirely. Second, it’s entirely too easy for less-than-scrupulous people to try and take advantage of an open forum to deliberately stir up trouble by couching their statements and questions in seemingly innocuous words with the express purpose of insulting or making things worse. Finally, aside from a few very specific exceptions, the point of this show is to be about geek culture, not controversy or drama. As an aside, we have a long standing tradition of lifting this rule during the Halloween stream once a year.