Television Ruminations

What’s the general over-view for your Monday and Tuesday Ruminations?

The Television Ruminations are a weekly series airing on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week covering a given series one episode at a time. We have already covered Star Trek Voyager in the old and terrible days, as well as Babylon 5 later on. As of this FAQ’s writing we are going through Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

What series are scheduled for looking at in the future?

Once TNG and DS9 are concluded (likely within a few weeks of each other) we have many other shows lined up to be looked into. These include, in no particular order; Star Trek The Original Series, Star Trek Enterprise, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Space Above And Beyond, Farscape, and Stargate SG1.

Are you taking requests for shows to be Ruminated upon?

No. Shows are a massive time investment and, as indicated by the previous question, we have an exceptionally full schedule for years to come.

Are the Television Ruminations released in MP3 format?

Yes. Each Monday and Tuesday Rumination can be found on the RSS feed on the website (found on the right-hand column, updated manually each day) for ease of download and listening without relying on Youtube or Youtube Red.